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56 | Dryer Safety in Your Short Term Rental | with Justin Ford

Uncategorized Mar 26, 2020


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There’s one area of safety that pretty much everyone in the short-term rental game has to consider: dryer safety. To give us all the details, we are once again joined by our resident safety captain, Justin Ford! 

Justin tries to make safety exciting, and so far he’s done a great job of it. He’s a former US Coastguard safety officer, and he started the largest vacation rental company in the Northeast, which led him to what he does today as the director of safety and certification programs at Breezeway, a software company that makes it easier to manage property care and maintenance operations.


Why dryer safety is a big deal

Dryer fires are far more common than anyone realizes, and they are also very easy to prevent. Over time, small amounts of lint from each load you dry won’t make out of the unit for a variety of reasons. Once the vent gets blocked with lint, your dryer exhaust has nowhere to go, and eventually, the lint...

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55 | Tactical Things You Can Do Tomorrow To Raise Revenue | with Sharon Keefe

Uncategorized Mar 19, 2020


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Are you being compensated for all of the services you are providing?

We have Sharon Keefe back on the show because she’s been in the vacation rental market for over 17 years — from working at a front desk to working for a vacation rental software company — and now she helps vacation rental managers grow strategically. She is an expert at creating sustainable business models for short-term rental businesses, without sacrificing the guest’s experience.

Sharon has spent the last 17 years in the hospitality space and her passion for the last 14 years has been in the vacation and short-term rental industry. She coaches and teaches how to run the business more efficiently, increase positive guest reviews and make more money.

Today we’re going to talk about tangible, actionable things you can do to increase revenue. Some of these things are kind of high-level, but we want you to think big for when you are going to need systems and...

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54 | Scaling Your Short-Term Rental Business | with Steve Trover

Uncategorized Mar 12, 2020


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Do you want to grow your short-term rental side hustle into a full-time gig?

Steve Trover is an expert at scaling businesses. He got into the vacation rental industry in 1997, where he started helping others manage their own properties. He eventually went on to scaling his own management business, eventually managing over 350 properties and 100 employees. He now helps vacation rental companies identify, hire, and retain the right people for the right seats

So, if you’re interested in scaling your STR business, what do you need to keep in mind?


Know the regulations in your area

Vacation rentals are being regulated all over the country and the world, and if you don’t currently have rules and regulations in your area, they’re coming. This isn’t meant to alarm you, but to empower you! 

Play an active role in regulation: attend city hall meetings, vote in favor of regulations you agree with, and push back against those you...

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53 | An interview with an Airbnb Photographer | with Matthew Garsky

Uncategorized Mar 05, 2020


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We’ve talked about this topic a TON, but we’ve yet to have a professional photographer on the show.

That’s why we’re so excited to have Matthew Garsky, who has been photographing Airbnb properties for several years now — he’s even been hired by Airbnb to do photography!

Unlike real estate (where photos can draw in potential buyers but they will almost always visit the physical location),  photos both create a first impression and are your best opportunity to market your rental. We talk about what opportunities you may have as a photographer to get hired, the types of creative shots you could take for your property, and the things people keep getting wrong in their photography.



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52 | From Flipper to Short Term Rentals | with Becky Rhey

Uncategorized Feb 27, 2020


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We are on the road this week for a short term rental sponsored SLEEPOVER! And we are visiting Becky Rhey, a fabulous host with an impeccable sense of style.

Becky started out as a house flipper, but while sitting on a house her and her husband decided to try Airbnb as a way to recoup some of the costs while they were waiting for the right time to sell. After that, she was hooked, and she wanted to start managing houses instead of flipping them.

She talks about what the transition from flipping to rental was like, how she finds decor for her rental, allowing photographers to use her space, and collaborating with local businesses.



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51 | Why Raising the Bar Matters | with Sharon Keefe

Uncategorized Feb 20, 2020


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Why should we focus on raising the bar in the vacation rental industry?

Sharon Keefe is back on the show! As a reminder, Sharon has spent the last 7 years conducting knowledge management in the vacation rental space and coaching others on how to run their rentals better and make more money.

No matter where you are renting, we all have the same mission, and we all need to do better so our neighbors and communities can be excited to have short term vacation stays in their town.



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50 | The REAL Challenges of Hosting… Are you up for it?

Uncategorized Feb 13, 2020


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Hosting is a challenge, and we want to know if you’re up for it!

We want to prepare you for what we call “hosting fatigue.” There are going to be challenges to deal with, but if you know they’re going to come, you can prepare for them.

Here are some of the challenges you can expect to face when you dive into the world of short term rentals:

  • Owner/Co-Host: Owners will expect you to take care of everything, but occasionally there will be problems that only they can deal with. You will have to explain to them in a compassionate way that this is a partnership.
  • Guests: You are on call the entire time you are renting, so be ready for that, and block time (or find external services) if there are times you need to be off the grid. Guests also may not treat properties the way you would, and that’s okay. 
  • Platform: Regardless of what platform you go with, you will occasionally have to deal with technical problems. 
  • Property:...
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49 | 8 Danger Zones in a Short Term Rental and How to Avoid Them | with Justin Ford

Uncategorized Feb 06, 2020


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As promised, Justin Ford is back to talk about all things safety! We’re going to keep him on as a recurring guest all year, and today he’s going to talk about 8 danger zones in a short term rental.

In case you missed the first episode, Justin is a vacation rental safety expert. He works at a company called Breezeway, a property operations & services platform. He understands what it means to be a host, but he also understands why safety needs to be your top priority.


Here are 8 danger zones you need to be aware of:

  1. Each designated bedroom and/or sleeping area in the rental dwelling  needs to provide a clear secondary means of exit. Make sure to provide the best opportunity for renters to escape and consider all restrictions that may prevent it.
  2. If the property uses propane or natural gas for cooking or heating, have all gas connections, plumbing and appliances inspected annually for leaks. If a rental uses natural gas or...
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48 | 7 Ways to Make Money in the STR Industry if You're a Stager or Designer

Uncategorized Jan 23, 2020


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We are all about education here on the show, and when we are really experts on something, we want to share it with you. One of those things we want to share with you today is how to make more money and diversify your income using staging or designing skills applied to the short term rental industry.


These are 7 ways you can make more money as a stager, designer, or host:

  1. Add consulting to your list of services. If you know anything about the short term rental market, let people know about it and add it to your list of services.
  2. Stage-to-rent designing. There are some big differences between staging for sale or renting because furniture and props used in sales staging aren’t meant to be used. Expertise in this field is incredibly valuable to other hosts.
  3. Installing. This is a lot of work, and something people usually underestimate how much is involved. When someone is starting from zero in making a space livable, it’s going to take time...
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47 | Different Worlds, Same Mission: Airbnb Advice from a Vacation Rental Expert | with Sharon Keefe

Uncategorized Jan 16, 2020


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A lot of people think of short term rentals as a new, crazy thing. But if you think about it, people have been doing this kind of thing all the time in vacation spots.

Sharon Keefe has spent the last 7 years conducting knowledge management in the vacation rental space. She is a vacation rental property management pro, and we’re so excited to chat with her. She coaches other vacation rentals on how to do better, be better, and make more.

While vacation rentals have been doing this for a while, their mission overlaps so, so much with short term rentals. But there are also a lot of misconceptions out there between a professional vacation manager and an Airbnb host.



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