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#STRShareSunday: the Nene Nest Kauai

strsharesunday Nov 01, 2020

Aloha! Today's STR Share is The Nene Nest Kauai, hosted by Melissa and Kyle.

What we LOVE about their instagram is that they have an island playlist to listen to on Spotify. What a great way to have your guests (and fans) tune in to your vibe! They also let everyone know on their IG account that they are just 152 steps to the ocean... talk about an island DREAM! 🏝

They have their own website, and on it they have a "featured in" section where they list all their PR. Leverage media and PR opportunities! See if your story and your space is worth sharing on blogs, podcasts (hint hint), local newspapers, you name it!


The Nene Nest Kauai on Instagram

The Nene Nest Kauai Website

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