Co-Hosting Confidential 001. Aces in Their Places: Tips for Team Building

Oct 11, 2023

Welcome back to Success Unlocked, where our hosting business master membership coaches discuss operations, social media, unique builds, co-hosting strategies, and so much more. This week’s episode is Co-Hosting Confidential, hosted by Amy Corbett.

Today, Amy chats with two important members of her All Belong Co. team – Lisa who is head of hospitality (AKA Conductor of the Symphony), and Micah, who’s the resident hospitality assistant (AKA The Inspector).

Lisa explains how they developed the special details which now make All Belong Co.’s thirty listings stand out among other listings, rapidly scaling the company in her first year on the job, and growing a team of like-minded guest-centric team members.

Micah walks us through her journey from being a solo host to helping operate such a large portfolio, the value of maintaining boundaries with respect to being on call, and the unique challenges that come with managing properties from a distance. 


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