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89 | How to Gain the Confidence to Act While You Learn | with Katie Raboy

Uncategorized Nov 26, 2020


What do you do if you have everything you need to start your own management company, but all you’re really lacking is the confidence to move forward?

Katie Raboy is the owner and manager of The Cabin Collection, an exclusive collection of high-end cabins in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. She began self-managing her own cabin, California Dreaming, in March of 2020, and recently grew her business into The Cabin Collection in September of 2020.

She shares her story about buying a pre-existing short term rental, launching that and hosting on her own, and now creating a whole business around managing properties. We talk all about taking action before you’re ready, finding your confidence, and setting boundaries for yourself and your mental health so you can make it through those burnout moments.




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