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87 | How to Create a Great Airbnb Experience: During the Pandemic & Beyond | with Kate Buhler

Uncategorized Nov 12, 2020


Sometimes it takes a near-death experience to make you realize you’re not doing what you are meant to do.

Kate Buhler is a consultant and trainer for luxury sales and service. She has over 25 years experience in hospitality, retail management, and cross-cultural sales. Lately, she’s been working with clients to stay ahead of the trends and competition by keeping current on each “next normal” in this time of COVID-19. When an airplane she was on lost pressure an hour away from landing, she asked herself if she had any regrets — and she confessed to herself that she was focused on making rich people richer, when what she really wanted was to make normal people richer.

She offers tips you can use to take advantage of the opportunities and situations we are presented with today so that you can learn how to thrive during a pandemic.

Kate coaches individuals on a variety of topics in the fields of revenue management, marketing, and service excellence. She specializes in "Managing Through Change" and "Finding Hidden Revenue" for clients' businesses worldwide, During the trials of Covid-19, business is booming- as everyone needs to get creative with their business model. Normally, the fee for a private session is $500 per hour, but Kate is extending a special offer for the TFV listeners. She will be setting up sessions via Zoom with small groups of short-term rental hosts at the rate of $100 per participant. 
It will be a chance to discuss your specific challenges and discuss real-world solutions to try. Pricing, marketing, and product updates will be the main topics on these calls, but as they are semi-private other issues the participants mention may also be addressed. It is a small investment, but an opportunity to hear from a hospitality expert and other solopreneurs. 
Interested? Have a look at Kate's website at If you would like to sign up for a session, please email her directly at [email protected] with 'TFV' in the memo line. Mention some information about your property as well as your time zone, and a few time slots will be offered for sign up.




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