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86 | House Rules: Making Your Policies Clear For Guests

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2020


Tricia at @lakesuperiorvacations asked us a question about house rules and what a host should include on their list of rules. If you’re like us, you may have an adverse reaction to the word “rules,” but they are imperative to your short-term rental, and it’s important that your guest knows what they are. It helps everybody! So, let’s talk about creating rules for your space and how to communicate them to your guest.

Here are some rule ideas you may want to offer at your property:

  • Reiterate what check in/check out times are, and outline your early or late check-in/check-out policies.
  • Guests who live in your city may not book a stay until they speak with you, and that if this is not disclosed you reserve the right to cancel a booking.
  • Be specific about what activities are or are not allowed at your property (smoking, parties, excessive noise, etc.) Also outline any fines that may be applied if these rules are broken.
  • Your policy on commercial photography or videography. Also clarify illegal activities, such as prostitution or firearms
  • Clarify your pet policy: Allowed, not allowed, is there a pet fee?
  • Replacement charges. Let guests know what they will be charged for if it gets lost or damaged.

You also have the option of sending a secondary agreement to your guests using a property management software or document signing app.

  • Discuss how quickly they will receive confirmation
  • Discuss the payment policy, what happens with deposits, etc.
  • Know your cancelation policy and outline it
  • Outline the time period for charging for a security deposit
  • What you’ll issue refunds for

Rules are going to change as you learn more about what is and isn’t needed. They’re going to need to be specific to your property and what’s necessary for you and your business.




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