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85 | Being a Tiny Home YouTuber and Airbnb Superhost | with Robert Abasolo

Uncategorized Oct 29, 2020


Robert Abasolo is a tiny home builder, “glampsite owner,” and Airbnb Superhost. Passionate about sharing his knowledge, he started a Youtube channel at the beginning of 2020 and was recently named Youtube's Creator on the Rise.

Robert and his wife packed up their bags and moved to Los Angeles, where he quickly discovered Airbnb and the financial freedom that the platform afforded him and his wife. After a successful first year where he paid off over half of his mortgage by renting out the basement, he built a tiny home in his backyard in Los Angeles, started documenting the journey on YouTube, and the rest is history.

Rob consults on how to build tiny homes around the country and how to set-up glamp listings on Airbnb. In this conversation, he shares how he made the leap into the world of short term rentals, how he then went on to becoming a rising YouTube sensation, and how he made the plan to scale up his short term rental business over time. He’s also incredibly transparent about how much money he makes through his rental properties, and he has insight to help whether you’re just starting out or looking to scale up.




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