84 | How to Give Constructive Criticism to Your Turnover Team

Oct 22, 2020


In the rental industry, we all REALLY depend on our turnover teams. They’re an essential part of making sure business runs smoothly and that our guests are happy. So what do you do if you notice room for improvement, but don’t want to come across as rude or obsessive?

This is not about your demands as the host, it’s about giving the guest the best experience possible. Keep in mind, no one is going to care about your business as much as you do. That being said, your turnover team is operating their own business, and they want to keep their client (you) happy just as much as you want to keep your guests happy. 

So how do we give constructive criticism to this important part of our business?

  1. Have experience in what you’re asking them to do. Make sure it’s possible and make sure they have the tools to accomplish it.
  2. Consider developing the role of inspector. It is asking a lot to have the turnover team also do an inspection.
  3. Let your turnover team know what your expectations are upfront. Having high expectations is a good thing.
  4. If you still aren’t clicking with your team after giving constructive feedback, the best way to let them know is to say “we’re not aligned” and move on.




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