74 | How to Market & Brand Your Short Term Rental Business | with Tayler Smith

Aug 06, 2020

From planes to trains to automobiles, the Smith family has turned their one-of-a-kind getaway into a family business. A rusted, empty World War 2 train car sitting on the edge of the family’s property sparked the pursuit of a dream to share their creative visions and host unforgettable getaways—which expanded into three truly unique spaces.

Tayler Smith is a creative based between NYC and East Tennessee. She primarily works as a commercial photographer, specializing in content for luxury brands. She also works on interior design projects, takes on various illustration and painting commissions, and manages marketing and press for her family Airbnbs.

One of the truly impressive aspects of the Smith Family B&Bs is the stellar marketing and branding they’ve put together. Though all three of their properties are entirely unique, they can all stand together side-by-side cohesively, and much of that is thanks to Tayler’s expert branding. We talk about very tactical steps, from what hashtags to use and how to find them, how to make your branding and messaging consistent, and some of the best investments you can make in marketing. You’re going to learn a ton!




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