297. Build Relationships & Solve Problems: Breaking Into Mid-Term Rentals

Oct 12, 2023

Hello and welcome to another great episode of Thanks For Visiting. Today’s expert guest, Jesse Vasquez, draws from his knowledge, experience, and passion for the emerging business opportunity in the mid-term rental market when mentoring hundreds of real estate investors, homeowners, and STR enthusiasts. He left his high-earning 6-Figure W2 Healthcare Sales Management career last year to go all-in with AirVenture Hosting and AirVenture Academy.

Based in Central Valley, California, he found his niche in operating unique rental homes specifically for traveling healthcare professionals. With solid foundations, ongoing process improvements, and a team now rallying behind him what started from two homes in 2020, he now has a growing owned and co-hosted portfolio of over twenty property listings all over California and Texas. 

We hear how a sweet nurse named Barbera changed his life forever, putting him on a course to specialize in serving nurses and doctors in the mid-term rental space. We also set the stakes on what a mid-term rental is and how to best operate one, or more, for sustained profitability.

And get your notes out for today’s actionable theme – how Jesse identifies, connects with, and contracts with agencies and organizations (at higher rates) in need of the unique services he provides. It’s a masterclass in business best practices – find a niche and nail it.


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