Annette and Sarah met at a Columbus, Ohio City Council Meeting. They were fighting for their right to host homes via the Airbnb platform. Let’s back up. Sarah’s been an Airbnb Superhost since 2013. She started out in NYC renting out a basement mother-in-law suite in the basement of her Queens property. Her and her husband discovered they could not only live for free in one of the country’s most expensive markets but they could actually make money. Sarah's NYC Airbnb was even featured in the Washington Post Sarah has a strong design and hospitality background. Pair that with her love of real estate and construction and it makes her an ideal host for short-term rentals. Sarah is currently working on her fourth and fifth Airbnb and she’s loving every minute. Annette doesn’t own her Airbnbs- she partners with a real estate investor instead. Together they came up with a great partnership that benefits the both of them. Annette earned her Superhost status by putting the guest first and creating memorable loft spaces in downtown Columbus, Ohio. Her spaces are constantly sought after not only by guests but also marketing teams and businesses looking for gorgeous spaces for brand shoots. Annette has managed up to four properties at a time as well as offered consulting services to newbie host hopefuls. Sarah and Annette love sharing what they’ve learned over the years as hosts one-on-one with their consulting clients but have teamed up to create educational content that’s easy to consume and implement. They’re currently launching an Ebook that walks you through the 7 Steps to Opening Your First Short-Term Rental, complete with bonus material sharing the checklists they use to get their new properties up and running. A podcast and Instagram feed will also be ways to keep up with the ladies of Thanks for Visiting. They’ll be sharing hosting tips, stories of how other hosts started their own side hustles as hosts, and products that you can put into your short-term rental so that your guests know you’re Thanks for Visiting approved!


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